British Gas

UX Contractor

Feb 2017 - Present

I am responsible for the user experience for customers that are registering for, and logging into their British Gas online account. It is my job to ensure that users are able to manage their account effectively and easily. Beyond customer accounts I am responsible for the help and support section of the website.

Since being employed by British Gas, changes that I have overseen for the website have saved approximately £70,000 due to a reduction in calls.


UX Lead

September 2016 - Feb 2017

I worked for TUI for 6 months on their iPhone and Android apps. During my time at TUI I facilitated usability testing and compiled a report that identified the strengths and weaknesses of both apps and the problems that customers were facing. 80% of customers were unable to book a new holiday due to navigation problems within both apps. By making major changes to the IA and bringing both apps more inline with the platform guidelines, these numbers are slowly improving.

British Airways

Team Lead

July 2013 - September 2016

During my 3 years at BA I oversaw a complete redesign of both iOS and Android apps and designed their first iPad app. I was also responsible for designing the application for the Apple Watch, which was used by Apple as the flagship app in their marketing campaigns and even featured in Vogue magazine, enabling me to put "as seen in Vogue" on my CV!

I managed and mentored a team of 6 UX/UI designers across mobile and and assisted with the UX strategy accross BA as team lead.